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Por qué usar los containers Containers apilados en el puerto

Sea containers, one of the main characters in globalization since 1956, started to pose questions many years ago

What to do with millions of units stranded at each harbor? What to do with millions of kilograms of structural steel, and millions of empty spaces contained there in?

Company regulations and commercial policies determine when their shipping containers should be taken off duty, usually after ten/fifteen years of use.
Their intrinsic value vanishes and they become cosmopolitan steel blocks and a priceless possibility for sustainable architecture.

Sea containers are therefore copious, self-supporting, resistant, and economic as modules and structural basis of a construction system. Sea containers are also: 

Modular: this feature makes it possible to make multiple assembly combinations and unlimited design versions; and to be relocated as many times is needed.

Easily transportable: containers have been designed to adjust to any logistics, and be moved by boat, train and truck (without any special permit required) accelerating assembly processes and saving time and energy. Consequently, the place of assembly is not a problem. 

Assemblable: inter-module assembly reduces the mounting and construction times by up to 80%, as compared to any traditional work.

Environment-friendly: in addition to the fact that they may be recycled and that they are insulated to the highest possible extent, the application of multiple installations to containers makes it possible to generate comfort and livability conditions which surpass any other conditions already known in the market, and to reduce energy consumption at the same time, connected to the grid or off the grid.

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