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Third Party Works:

Even though human actions usually pursue positive purposes, they do have their consequences on the environment. Today, we know that most of those consequences are predictable.

The multiplication of international actions related to reusing containers has already reached high stability and sophistication levels which, far from being sort of a craze, show a branch of architecture that is more committed to the planet.

The different variations of container architecture offer answers to several types and sites.

Housing: single-family or multi-family homes.

Employment: offices, shops, shopping centers, professional studios, medical centers, warehouses, garages, workshops, cabinets, etc.

Education: schools, classrooms, auditoriums, workshops, recording studios, educational centers, ateliers, etc.

Healthcare: emergency rooms, clinics, rehab centers, private hospitals, and other more specific sites, such as operating rooms, X-ray rooms, laboratories, etc.

Leisure time: restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, discos, clubs, conference rooms, exhibition centers, museums, cinemas and theaters.

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