George Diner Founder & CEO

George Diner Founder & CEO HABITAT CONTAINERTM, LLC. 3479 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL, 33160 The United States of America tel:+1(305) 816-6635 fax: +1(305) 974-4332 Cel/Whatsapp: +1(305) 776-2530

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 09/26/1952.
Married with two children.
Currently living in the United States of North America.

Habitat Container LLC.
An American Company, established in 2017, focused and dedicated at designing and constructing excepcional quality dwelling for the private market, as well as for urban government projects that requieres social housing, economically affordable, and ecologically sustainable, without loosing the good design, thus integrating perfectly with the surroundings, using surplus ISO shipping containers, helping its inhabitants integrate with the environment, the protection of non Renewable sources, the reduction of CO2, and the conservation of the eco-system.
Funder & CEO
· Member of ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units and Container Homes).
· Member of USGBC (United States Green Building Council)

Goin Postal North Miami Beach
A lider Company in the USA postal & shipping centers. The reception and the dispatch are carried out at world level using prestigious courier services like, FEDEX, DHL, USPS, and UPS among others. Goin Postal offers also a variety of other services including office supplies, P.O.Boxes, Notary and Passport renewals.

Albanueva S.A., Nautical Gated Community
As a Founder member and President George developed a prestigious nautical gated community “Albanueva”, in a privileged strategic touristic site in Rincon de Milberg, city of Tigre, Buenos Aires province. With a visionary mentality here is where he starts to develop the eco-habitats using surplus ISO shipping containers, and with this same technology he built his own technical offices still in use today.
President and Founder member (1982-2010)

City of Buenos Aires “Mobile Green Center”
The City of Buenos Aires, through its environmental protection agency, ordered Habitat Container in 2012 the design and construction of the first PLM “Punto Limpio Móvil”, prototype; and later changed its name for “Mobile Green Center” to educate citizens and promote the separation and recollection of contaminating recyclable garbage in all the City’s districts. Each “Mobile Green Center” was constructed using surplus ISO shipping containers with different trash bins inside, for every type of different materials. Its illumination, of LED technology, as all the other electrical requirements is supplied by solar energy through 4 photovoltaic panels in its roof.
Developer and executive Director (2012-2013)

A.T.I. Asesoramiento Técnico Industrial S.A.

An Argentine Company for the mounting and set-up of big Thermal Power PlantsVice- president and vice President (1982-1989)

Antiguos Horizontes SRL
Fine Arts & XVIII Century Antiques export company and gallery.

Hi-Tech S.A.
Pioneer in Argentina in the creation of digital libraries and blue print archives, to replace physical paper archives in factories, Engineering and Architects studios Funder and President (1981-1982)

· Bachelor degree Colegio Nacional de San Isidro. (Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina),1969.
· Studied Engineering at U.B.A. University of Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina),1970/72.
· Then continue his studies at the TECHNION University (Haifa, Israel), 1972/73.
· Studied Business Administration at UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Buenos Aires, Argentina), 1975/77.
· Export Import at the department of Foreign Trade at Bank of Boston (Buenos Aires, Argentina),1977.
· Completed his background in Internacional commerce working at Deutsche Staudt gmbh in the department of Import/Export, belonging to the conglomerate Pittsburg&Cardiff Coal Company (Sao Paulo, Brasil; Asunción, Paraguay; Hamburg, Germany), 1978/79.

· “Introduction to LEED for schools” (Inteligentes buildings), dictated by Ana L. Ka ́ahanuithe from USGBC, (Washington DC. USA), 2010.
· “Architecture Sustainability - Natural Illumination and Design”, dictated by Arq. Gabriela Casablanca at the SCA Architects Central Society. (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2011.
· “LEED Certified Project: a study case”, workshop at the 3rd. Build-green International Conference and Exposition, presided by Ing. Carlos Grinberg, AGBC. (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2011.
· “Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals”, online, at University of Bath, by Dra. Emma Patterson. (Somerset, United Kingdom), 2015.
· “Sustainability, Society and you”, online, University of Nottingham (Nottingham, Great Britain), 2015.
· “Intelligent Cities”, online, Open University, 2015.
· “Towards a local certification for sustainable construction - the British experience”, workshop with the participation of Susannah Hagan of the Royal College of Art and Dr. Mark Gaterell of the University of Coventry, at the British Ambassador’s residence Dr. John Freeman (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2012.

Spanish, English, French, Hebrew.

Honorable mention for Architect Kicherer and all the Architects team under the direction and supervision of George Diner, Habitat Container's, Founder and CEO, in the 1st National Sustainable Houses Contest, Organized by (CAPBA),Architectural college of Buenos aires province jointly with the (AAPE) Argentine Association of Expanded Polystyrene in the framework of the National campaign Isolate Well, whose objective is to promote the rational use of energy and insulation in construction, among architects. 2010
Source: CEDU.

Magazine Casas Internacional #132, casas sustentables “sustainable houses". Buenos Aires, 2012. “Showroom Habitat Container”.

·Magazine Casas Internacional #131, “CONTAINER”. Buenos Aires, 2012.
· Camara Empresaria de Desarrolladores Urbanos de la República Argentina CEDU, "Una nueva propuesta:Habitat Container" 6/30/11.
· Magazine Habitat Sustentable“, Espacios que promueven el bienestar y la salud”, BioArchitecture. (Buenos Aires), 2012.

· “Magazine Habitat Container,” Editor in chief of the exclusive and unique American Magazine, specialized in ISO shipping container constructions, published quarterly.

· Diario La Nación. Buenos Aires, 17/3/ 2018. “The story of a young man that transforms surplus shipping containers into houses” by Olivia Goldschmidt journalist.

· Founder member, of the Austral Scientific Expedition Association.
· Member of the Antarctic expedition on the Oceanographic Icebreaker “Ice Lady Patagonia”, (2007).

· Antarctic Diver.
· Subaquatic Archeology Diver.
· Cavern diver at Cenotes, Dos Ojos, Rivera Maya, México. o Paratrooper, skydiver.
· Ultralight experimental planes pilot

With a curious spirit and investigator temple, based on a strategic vision of his business area and always considering new challenges, George Diner has traveled the world exploring and incorporating advanced technologies applied to the conservation of the environment, the recovery of renewable and non-renewable resources, reducing climate change and improving the quality of human life. Using ISO shipping containers to build social and affordable housing for particular and community purposes, George is fulfilling one of his greatest wishes: contribute to a society and a better world.