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ventajas y posibilidades detalles constructivos

Main features and advantages of container architecture

Eco-habitats: They are environment-friendly, they reduce environmental risk, and they contribute to reduce global warming and the unnecessary consumption of non-renewable energy sources. They also reduce CO2 emissions. 

Thermal insulation:  containers receive a treatment specially designed by Habitat Container on walls, floors, roofs and openings, which effectively insulates the environment and minimizes energy consumption. 

Assembly and mobility: Factory made modules may be assembled pursuant to their specific design, disassembled, and reassembled based on the same design or on another design. Self-supporting structure: assembly keeps the self-supporting structural condition of modules, thus ensuring integral antiseismic resistance. 

Sustainable facilities: multiple systems are implemented to ensure the minimum possible energy consumption, rainwater recycling, solar collectors to heat water using solar energy, and greywater treatment system. Maximum assembly efficiency: work times are reduced up to 80% in respect of traditional works. 

Assembly in any kind of weather conditions: since they are Factory made modules, on-site assembly times are significantly short. 

Lighting and ventilation: each habitat provides for high ventilation and lighting ratios, by means of large glassed closing surfaces. The incorporation of indoor and outdoor power led technology contributes to reduce to the highest possible extent the energy used for lighting purposes.

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